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About Us

Safarimappers was registered in 2006 to meet the demand for clear simple maps of safari destinations. We rely on a wide variety of sources for our information. These include Africa travel specialists, safari tour operators, journalists, game ranges, friends and the wider internet community.

Where possible we have tried to get independent sources for the coordinates of safari lodges and other points of interest. We have also logged a lot of coordinates ourselves while travelling to these destinations. However, when booking your safari, you should verify these locations with your tour operator of the safari lodge.

We welcome comment and criticism. We are especially interested in getting your independent review of a lodge or camp. Any personal photographs of the lodges would also be highly appreciated. We have a number of years experience in Africa travel and tourism and a criticism we often hear is that the brochure photographs do not give a realistic impression of the safari destination. Send these to us and we will publish them for our user community. If you give us sufficient information, we will give you your own Safarimappers page!

Safarimappers is a joint effort by a number of individuals, based in Cape Town, London and Dublin.

Meet the team

Lance: IT and copywriter
I was born in Cape Town, South Africa. I have travelled extensively in Africa and have worked at safari lodges in Zimbabwe. I now live in Ireland. My day job is in IT and Safarimappers blends my knowledge of IT with my love of Africa


Rachael: Credited for the concept of the site, copywriter
I am from Sligo, Ireland. I caught the Africa and safari bug the first time I travelled to South Africa in 2004.


Dylan: Knows everything about Ajax, Virtual Earth, .Net
I am from Yorkshire, England. I am travelling to South Africa for the first time in August 2007.


Brett: African safari specialist, our Africa guru
I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and have been involved in the safari travel industry for many years.