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North Luangwa National Park is a remote wilderness area in the heart of Africa. There are no permanent tourist facilities and only three safari camps operate walking and driving safaris.

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North Luangwa National Park

North Luangwa National Park is a remote wildlife area covering 4636 square kilometres and offers one of the finest safari experiences in Zambia. It is not open to the public and there are no permanent lodges. To date, only 3 bush camps exist in the North Luangwa - access into this wild park is limited to a few operators to conduct walking and driving safaris. This makes it a very exclusive safari destination with only a handful of visitors in the entire park

Featured North Luangwa Safari Lodges maps
Kutandala Camp map: Set on a stunning site on the banks of the Mwaleshi River, this camp offers the ultimate safari for those who seek truly remote wilderness
Mwaleshi Camp map: Mwaleshi Camp, an enigmatic walking camp, accommodates 6 to 8 guests within the remote North Luangwa National Park.

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