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Tsavo West National Park covers approximately 9,000 sq km of southern Kenya, and is located about 200 km south-east of Nairobi.

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Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West and Tsavo East are only separated by the Mombasa-Nairobi road, making the entire Tsavo eco-system the biggest game area in Kenya. Tsavo West has a more varied topography and a more diverse array of habitats.

The park's habitat includes open plains alternating with Savannah bush and semi desert scrub, acacia woodlands, numerous rocky ridges and outcrops and belts of riverine vegetation. Towards the Chyulu Hills, the landscape is of recent volcanic origin with lava flows and ash cones including the Shetani lava flow, an example of a recent volcano.

In addition to game viewing, Tsavo West is famous for the Mzima Springs (with its unique underwater hippo observatory), the Shaitani lava flows and the Chaimu volcanic crater.

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