Beho Beho Camp, Selous Game Reserve

Beho Beho is known as 'wansalishi' which means when translated from the Swahili 'the pioneer'. The first camp in the Northern sector of the Selous game reserve, its stone cottages, perched on Kipalala Hill, offer panoramic views over the Rufiji river flood plain. 145 miles south west of Dar es Salaam.

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About Beho Beho Camp

Beho Beho was the first camp to be sited in The Selous, not on the banks, or the flood plains of the mighty Rufiji River, but in the cooler highlands so as to enjoy the cooling breezes from which its name derives. Always designated as a private camp it has fiercely protected its individuality and privileged location as one of the most magical places it is possible to visit in safari Africa.

Beho Beho has created the true essence of a safari refuge, for even the most expereinced safari traveller. It is a luxurious base camp from which to explore on foot, by boat or by open safari cruiser the splendours of one of the largest game reserves in the world.