Dhow Palace Hotel, Zanzibar

The Dhow Palace, with its Arabian archways, authentic Zanzibari antiques and ornate ornaments, was originally an Omani mansion dating back to the 1870s.

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About Dhow Palace Hotel

The Dhow Palace was originally an Omani mansion and dates back to 1870. It is one of the best and most authentic hotels in Stone Town with original Arabian archways, authentic Zanzibari antiques and ornate ornaments. The rooms are spacious, luxuriously appointed and the service friendly.

A beautiful hand-carved door studded with brass knobs welcomes you into the modest reception area. A central courtyard with a water fountain, makuti-thatch chairs and palm fronds provides a deliciously cool haven in the heat of the day. The atmosphere inside this hotel is tranquil and relaxed which is a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the Stone Town streets.

The hotel has recently installed a stunning swimming pool in the main court yard, so guests have a perfect setting to enjoy a cocktail and relax away from the crowds. Tembo and Dhow Palace are owned by the same group who follow the Muslim code of not serving alcohol. Only a few hotels still operate by these strict Muslim laws and we respect their decision to follow their beliefs even at the loss of a great deal of income. It's not really a problem for guests as there are plenty of pubs and cafes close by. There are also plenty of restaurants in Stone Town if you want to go out for some serious wining and dining.