Ilkeliani Camp, Masai Mara National Park

Ilkeliani is an eco-friendly permanent luxury tented camp overlooking the Talek River.

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About Ilkeliani Camp

Ilkeliani is an eco-friendly permanent luxury tented camp, centrally located in the Masai Mara. Camp environs have been intentionally preserved so as to feel as close as possible to nature.

Ilkeliani has 15 tents with each guest tent positioned on the edge of the Talek River looking out onto the Masai Mara plains.

Guest tents are also well spaced out thereby ensuring that guests have maximum privacy. Lighting is provided by solar power and all tents are ensuite with flush toilets and hot water showers 24 hours (the camp uses a recycled by-product as fuel to keep the boilers hot).

Ilkeliani Camp accommodates a maximum of 30 guests at any one time. Personal attention and care is paramount to our service delivery. The camp offers two game drives per day with the proficient help of your private experienced driver/guide.

Spacing of each guest tent is paramount, therefore tents are well spaced from the others ensuring you maximum privacy. Tents are large and airy with secluded veranda?s. Each tent has its own magnificent view of the Masai Mara plains.