Kusini Camp, Serengeti National Park

Kusini is in an exclusive remote region of the Serenget and provides guests with a secluded and unobtrusive position that curves naturally with a group of Kopjes

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About Kusini Camp

Kusini Camp is unique in the Serengeti, blending the modern and the traditional to recreate the feel and atmosphere of the earliest safari camps for you. The camp is located in the natural curve of Mwaki Nyeb Kopjes in the Serengeti National Park, the largest game park in Africa, Kusini Camp is a luxury permanent tented camp carefully designed to have minimal impact on the environment.

Being one of only eight permanent lodges or camps within the Serengeti National Park?s 14,763 square kilometers, Kusini Camp enjoys a privileged and remote location with some of the most exclusive game viewing to be found anywhere. Kusini Camp lies in a landscape of flat-topped acacias and short grass plains. From the huge granite boulders of the Mwaki Nyeb Kopjes you can view the Gol Mountains and the famous Ngorongoro Crater in the north.

This area is noted for its lion and cheetah populations as well as the occasional Leopeard, Spotted and Striped Hyena and the Bat-eared Foxes. The woodland area fringing the short grass plains around the camp also has high sightings of resident game including rarer species such as klipspringer.

The wildebeest migration passes Kusini Camp around February to March. The camp is a good base to see the migration from approximately January to May each year.