Savuti Elephant Camp, Savuti

Situated in the arid Savute area, Savute Elephant Camp offers an oasis type setting in complete luxury

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About Savuti Elephant Camp

In the heart of the Chobe National Park, sometimes referred to as the elephant capital of the world, is Savute Elephant Camp. Perched on the former banks of the now dry Savute Channel, the camp offers a spectacular birds eye view of elephant in their natural habitat, with an adjacent water hole just metres away from the camps main building. The area is also renowned for high concentration of predators such as the endangered wild dog, lion, leopard, cheetah and hyena. Find yourself in harmony with a unique timeless place as you witness a play that has no script, by actors who have no lines, in an environment that needs no set.

The area is known for its exciting game viewing and birding. This area also presents you with the rare opportunity to view rock paintings drawn by the early Bushmen, who once inhabited the region. As this camp is situated in the Chobe National Park, park regulations prohibit night drives and walking.

Savute personifies the eternal contrast of Africa. Where our other two camps celebrate water and lush vegetation, Savute is an objective lesson in aridity. Rain in this dry place is rare and water is precious.

Situated on the Savute Channel, which is an eccentric waterway that fluctuates between being bone-dry or flooding, the whole ethos of Savute Elephant Camp is commiserate with its inhabitants and environment, although the camp has not seen water flowing in the channel since 1983.