Safarimappers User Guide

User Guide to Safarimapper's Virtual Earth maps

Navigating around Safarimappers

This section outlines how the maps are structured and how to us them.

1. Safari Regions

We have divided the maps into Southern Africa and East Africa. They are generally considered alternative destinations so we have also treated them as such.

2. Country maps

Within each region, we have a map of each country. This map is simply a map at a more detailed level than the regional map. In other words, zoom out and you will have the same map as the regional map.

Move over the country and National Park you are interested in:

Select the information icon in the park. This will give you the park name and some information about the park:

We have identified all the major parks and reserves. We have also focussed on cities, islands and other areas (e.g. Cape Town, Zanzibar, Victoria Falls) that are of particular interest to tourists. By selecting the area on the map or the menu of the left, you will be directed to a map specifically of that area.

3. National Parks, Game Reserves, Private concessions and places of interest

The map is generally of a bigger area than the National Park, etc, that it represents. This is because safari lodges and camps are often outside the boundaries of the park. Also, there may be a number of smaller reserves or concession areas that border the National Park. We show the rough boundaries of the national parks and reserves on the map.

For example, the Okavango map:

Safari lodges, camps, airstrips and other identified points of interest are shown on the maps. Select an icon and you will be presented with a short description and photograph. You can get further details by clicking on "full description".

4. Lodge pages

Each safari lodge has its own dedicated page, where we provide some details about the lodge. We would love to hear from you about your experience of the lodge. Where feasible we will include your comments. Any photographs you may have will also help fellow travellers appreciate the lodge so please send them to us.

Virtual Earth maps

Virtual Earth provide up-to-date maps. We have added the safari lodges and camps and park boundaries. In the top left corner of the map you will notice a control panel. This allows you to zoom in and out of the maps. You can also get different views of the same map, namely "road", "aerial" or "hybrid". You will be able to use the 2D version of the maps without downloading any software. To access 3D maps, you will need to download Virtual Earth's map application. This is free to download.

Quick links: Virtual Earth website